>I’m bored…so time for a silly project…

>I’ve been thinking about this one for a couple of weeks. Ever since Ti and I took a random trip up St. Catherine’s Hill in Winchester in fact. That was around ten days ago and the name of the hill got me thinking of a little challenge for myself for 2007.

If St. Catherine can get a hill named after her, then why can’t I, a regular man and recent graduate, get something named after me as well? And why bother?

The answer to both the above questions is “Why not” in my humble opinion and so as of now I am beginning the search to find something that I can get named after me. I have no idea what I need to do to reach this achievement but I’ve set myself a target of December 31st to complete it. Other rules include not being able to steal something that’s already named and that it has to be made official by someone (preferably with a certificate…or a badge…hmm…)

Updates will continue on this blog so keep checking back for more!

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