>Happy New Year…and the ladle returns!


Happy New Year everyone, just a quick update on our events of New Year’s Eve this year. After last year’s ladle shouting mayhem, the cooking implement came into show again this time around as Dave snuck it into a couple of photos early in the night!

We were at Dave and Martha’s place for a few glasses of wine and some chinese food from our local restaurant down the road and had a nice, relaxing evening inside as 2008 came closer.

I created a photo montage of our crazy year that you can see here…


After we’d watched that and reminisced about an eventful 2007 it was time to welcome in the new year and going out to the balcony we were treated to a superb array of fireworks from around Southampton. From the third floor vangtage point we could see six or seven displays all at once and probably had one of the best views in Southampton!

So 2008 comes in with a quiet evening in the end but it was cheap and cheerful with most of the drinks provided by our respective work places all we had to pay out for was the chinese! Ti made a yummy punch (left) to add something different to the collection of wine!

We ended the night in front of the film “Sabrina” but none of us managed to sit through the opening half an hour and we fell asleep in the early stages!

So a really cool opening to 2008 and hopefully more memories will be made in the next twelve months.

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