>First day back…

>It’s been that difficult first day back in the office for me today. Usually after a defeat it’s tough to face the workmates who have had a comfortable weekend of football from the armchair but this has been even tougher. The fact that we’re now a League Two club has come up numerous times today and with the bank holiday giving me time to reflect this was a harsh reminder of things to come and that it will be a long summer pondering trips to Morecambe and Darlington.

News of contracts being offered and pre-season friendlies already being arranged deflects some of the news away from that forgettable season we’ve just had but the fact is that as much as we try to forget we will remember as much as we recall promotions. Back in 2003 it was easier because we were simply rubbish all season. In fact if I recall, we played Mansfield Town on the final day of the season at their place for the unwanted title of worst team in the league with both sides rooted to the bottom of League One.

This season we’ve dropped like a stone and no-one had had much time to get used to the reality of League Two football next season, something that is getting more and more distant in quality from League One by the season in terms of sides in the league.

We have to somehow take this on the chin and I’m sure there will be a time mid-summer when I get excited about next season again, most likely in the middle of June when the fixtures are announced. But for now, I’m sulking.

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