>Too soon to forget?

>So how soon do you start to look towards next season? Just over a week has passed since that deflating day at Elland Road and attention at camp Cobblers has immediately turned to 2009/10 with talk of contracts, buoyant messages from chairman and manager alike and the arrangement of the first friendly game.

With playoffs and the like still going on it’s hard to fully draw this season to a close and talking about the next campaign is almost like those people who look forward to Christmas in January. The Cobblers are taking the approach of trying to lift the spirits of the town with all the right noises coming from those involved at the helm. I wouldn’t imagine a lot of true Cobblers to be listening just yet and it feels like I’m personally still mourning the end of last season.

It’s far too soon for me despite the dates that have been set this week for the fixtures coming out etc and I liken it to the death of a pet…we’ve not had time to mourn, let alone think about getting a similar breed in the vague hope that it lives up its predecessor.

Of course we will all be hoping to swap last season’s pussy cat for a brave and proud lion in 2009/10. Let’s have a bit of time to get over relegation first though.

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