>Black hole appearing in Leauge Two

>There’s a worrying gap appearing in the League Two table as the hectic Christmas period approaches. With The Cobblers in eighteenth place, there’s four points between ourselves and last week’s winners at Sixfields, Hereford United. Standing a place higher on the same points are Port Vale, Saturday’s visitors Port Vale.

Defeat this weekend would start to compound the misery hanging around Sixfields at the moment and leave us stranded in the lower reaches of the basement league. Yes, it looks like a middle of the season, low attendance, scrappy mid-table bore fest but the fact is that on a cold Saturday in December we could be about to face a season defining game.

For if the Cobblers fall any further behind even the middle of League Two it could be a long, hard slug back. I said at this point last season that I hoped we wouldn’t be dragged into a League One relegation fight but that it didn’t seem a plausable option. We have to pray that history doesn’t repeat itself because another dog fight, this time even further down the football pyramid, could kill the soul of Northampton Town.

So let’s PLEASE get these attendances back up, start singing for us rather than against us and get us those three points that will at least bridge the widening hole that stands above us.


One thought on “>Black hole appearing in Leauge Two

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