>Reasons to be cheerful

Ok let’s take a side step from the doom and gloom for a minute and look at a few reasons to be cheerful this Christmas time. Yes, i know, i probably am scraping the last barrel of Tony Ansell’s empty burger loads but you have to try and make some light out of our current situation or you’ll end up crying into the Christmas turkey.

So here’s a few reasons to be cheerful ahead of the trip to Darlington this weekend…

– We’re not Darlington

We’ll start with Saturday’s hosts…Darlo are already ELEVEN points adrift of safety with just eight points from 21 games and a goal difference of minus 35. If it wasn’t for their shoddyness we would be in deeper trouble than we already are so let’s be thankful there’s someone worse off than us.

– Adebayo Akinfenwa

The big man has refound his golden touch and has netted nine times this term, making him the top scorer. A return to actual fitness for Bayo is another big plus with, and this could shock some, some tracking back to defend at times!

– The return of sir Herbert

Courtney is back playing again and at least gives us some pace up front, something distinctly lacking with the more clever Steve Guinan or the run around like a headless chicken Gary Mulligan. The former non league man showed a couple of decent glimpses of his early form on Saturday and hopefully we’ll see more as Christmas approaches.

– We’re not even half way yet

21 games played so we’re still two games away from the half way mark of the season. A couple of wins in a row would push us up into the mid-table region and maybe brew up some confidence in the squad.

– The transfer window

A massive month ahead in January with Ian Sampson able to hopefully bring in some of his own faces to go with the couple of short term contracts and loans he’s already sorted out. One or two key positions need filling and the defence most certainly needs suring up so January will shake things up a bit.

Well there’s five…clutching at straws i may be but let’s be positive, enjoy Christmas and get three points at Darlo on Saturday!

Up The Cobblers!


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