>Darlo offer free tickets to snow clearers as game gets pitch inspection

>Darlington are offering free tickets for tomorrow’s game with the Cobblers to any supporters who help out to clear the snow from the pitch in order to get the game on. Backroom staff and youth team players are lending a hand this evening in an attempt to clear the pitch but free tickets will be handed out to any further volunteers.

There will, in any case, be a pitch inspection at 9am tomorrow morning in order to make any visiting supporter and the team coach aware of any problems with getting the game on. But Darlington are very hopeful of the game taking place as the Cobblers look to extend their host’s poor run of form in the league.

Joe Benjamin could be handed another start for the Cobblers whilst Abdul Osman and Craig Hinton are back in contention for Ian Sampson.


One thought on “>Darlo offer free tickets to snow clearers as game gets pitch inspection

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