>Sammo set for new deal?

It’s being reported that Sammo is set to extend his reign at the helm at Sixfields as Cobblers boss. David Cardoza has already began talks with the former defender to extend his current deal, that runs out at the end of the season, by a further few years. Sammo is seen as the man to take the club forward in tough times and his impressive record since taking over has helped him to persuade the chairman to talk about a longer deal.

Cardoza has revealed that the playing budget will be cut next season with the financial pressure on football clubs at this time and that it will be more about quality than quantity next term. That, alongside Sammo’s impressive knowledge of this level of football, appears to be the perfect match to cope with the lack of funds available this summer.

The new deal could even be finalised by the end of this week and there seems nothing much more in the way of Sammo continuing his Sixfields legacy into 2010-11 and beyond!

1 thought on “>Sammo set for new deal?

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