>Club Shop: An explanation

>In response to the below, Northampton Town have said the following (Thanks to Gareth Willsher for a quick response):

“The Premier League items are here on a trial basis, and we will see how it goes. They have been brought in at this time with a number of forthcoming events in mind, such as England internationals car boot sales, local cup finals and community events all taking place at Sixfields in the next few months. That means there will be a lot of non-Cobblers fans visiting our premises.”

“We will also be doing plenty of promotion of the club and our matches to these people with offers and ticket vouchers to come and support us at a first team game etc, but as much as we might not like it, we have to accept a lot of these people will be armchair Premier League fans.”

“If we can take their money off them and earn some valuable income for the club at the same time, then that is something we have decided to look at and to see if it works.”

“If, when they come to buy these items it drags them into our club shop that can only be good news for us, and our items are much cheaper than the Premier League items. It also gives our staff a chance to convince them of the error of their ways!”

“As I say it is only a trial and will be reviewed in the summer and is really aimed at non-Cobblers fans who will be visiting us.”

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