>Welcome to the Northampton Town/Chelsea/Arsenal/ManYoo/Liverpool club shop…

It appears that the online ‘club shop’ has now turned into a retail outlet holding items for sale for our good friends at Chelsea, Manchester United, Ars-…hold on, what’s going on?

It’s been announced that our online shop is now stocking items from Premier League clubs. So while searching for that discount blue away shirt, maybe you would fancy a Chelsea back pack, an Arsenal pen or a Phil Thompson signed photograph? The move is hoped to raise more money for the club but appears more like a complete sell out move by the powers that be.

To try to counter the backlash from some fans, the club have mentioned that many Cobblers items are now half price but that doesn’t make an awful lot of difference if you buy a Town hat and then notice a Chelsea scarf on the same website and think “oh well I might as well, seeing as though I’ve saved some cash!”

There’s nothing worse than walking around on a home game at Sixfields and seeing different colours in the home end (it does still happen). It’s particularly noticeable in the younger generation and this new move doesn’t help matters. Yes, we can get half price Cobblers shirts but we’re promoting other teams whether directly or indirectly.

Sort it out Town! We are NORTHAMPTON TOWN after all!

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