>The Millers’ Tale…

>Rotherham United 1-0 Northampton Town
League Two
Tuesday, April 13th 2010

On April 13th 2010, twenty two players entered a football pitch in Yorkshire. Only nineteen of them would walk off the pitch at the end of a tempestuous game. Ryan Gilligan, of Northampton Town Football Club, missed a penalty in the first half. Craig Hinton, also of Northampton Town Football Club, gave away a penalty and saw sent off in the second. Adam Le Fondre, of Rotherham United Football Club, scored the winning goal from the resulting spot kick before both Luke Guttridge of Northampton Town and Danny Harrison of Rotherham United were also sent off.

On April 13th 2010 the record books show that Northampton Town were beaten by Rotherham United in a massive dent to the club’s playoff hopes.

But all that didn’t seem to matter as much as usual. Because on April 13th 2010 I saw my baby’s heartbeat for the first time.

That’s right readers, I can finally tell you all…myself and my wonderful girlfriend are having a baby, due on November 17th 2010. I don’t apologise at all for a rare mushy blog but I’ve been holding this in for weeks! We had a first scan yesterday and everything’s fine with the little one so I’m over the moon. I’m moving back to Southampton to be with my little ones with life taking a momentus turn.

I’m sure I will keep you updated as the months go on. But yes, we did lose yesterday and there’s still hope. I’ll be back to full reporting duties for the Rochdale game!

1 thought on “>The Millers’ Tale…

  1. >Have added your blog to my (new) links on the blog, thanks Danny!That's fantastic news about the little one on the way! My 5-year-old's been to Meadow Lane twice this year, sharing our last minute win over Rotherham with him in my arms was one of the best moments in my life, you'll love it when you get to do the same with yours!All the best for Saturday 😉 haha

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