>Thornton’s wonder strike sparks team celebration


It was evident yesterday that after Kevin Thornton majestically swung his left foot to curl the ball into the top corner of the Shrewsbury net that he’s been waiting a long time to produce a moment like that once again. Thornton’s well documented problems off the pitch meant that a drop to non league to get himself back on track was very much needed.

After Sammo signed him on, we saw brief glimpses of a real talent and despite a red card a few weeks ago, hopefully the troubles are behind him. Thornton’s first goal for the club against the Shrews was met with a massive celebration as he rushed to the bench to be surrounded by Cobblers substitutes in an outpouring of relief, perhaps the result of months of uncertainty over his career and a good bond with his new team mates.

If the midfielder can get to anywhere near 100% before the end of the season then we have a real ace in our pack!

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