>Emotional Valley Parade to welcome Cobblers

>One team stands in the way of the Cobblers taking the playoff fight to the final day of the season. Bradford City, in an emotional occasion for their own club, block the route to the top seven and it promises to be a day full of drama from the off. City, and the travelling Cobblers fans, will pay their respect to the 56 people who lost their lives in the Valley Parade Fire before the game, creating a backdrop for a hugely important game.

With a big attendance expected, there will be plenty of atmosphere in both ends and the Cobblers players will need to be on their game from the off. Bayo is set to play once again at 60% fitness and we can only hope that he has a big impact once again before he’s replaced later in the game. The big man once again holds the key to what needs to be three points in Yorkshire.

Last season our campaign ended in Yorkshire with relegation at Leeds. We can only hope and pray that this season doesn’t end just up the road at Valley Parade.

1 thought on “>Emotional Valley Parade to welcome Cobblers

  1. >Respect and Thanks to the Cobblers fans from the Kop at Bradford City for your impeccable behaviour during such an emotional time for so many. Your support at this match was very much appreciated. Massive apologies about the idiotic kids who showed a lot less respect than you at the end of the game. They were an embarrassment to me, our club, and the memories of the 56. Good luck for next week and following seasons.A true City fan.

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