>Stand up and be proud for final day

>Whatever the result, whatever the outcome tomorrow we really have to remember what has happened in the last few months. Any signs of discontent now are ridiculous and what Sammo, Malc and the lads have done is superb after the dismal start under Stuart Gray. Even the current regime took time to get together but after fighting relegation at Christmas it’s been a terrific response from the same players and staff that had us in the mire earlier in the season. For that, we should be thankful. It’s going to take a miracle of giant proportions to get us into 7th place now, not just from us but mainly from Darlington who host Dagenham and Redbridge. The Daggers were pipped to a playoff place on the last day of last season and will be desperate to avoid a repeat.

All we can do is focus on what we’re doing and try to enjoy the final day of another roller coaster season. What started in disarray has ended with at least more hope than we had at the end of last term. Our club is still being ran by someone that genuinly cares, the manager is a Cobblers legend who gives us intensity on the touch line, a connection to the fans and loyalty to the cause and most of the players do give a damn about the shirt they’re wearing. I actually can’t name one of the current squad who isn’t a team player, fighting for the shirt and wanting to play for us rather than pick up the wage and stroll around the pitch.

That, despite the relegation this time last season, shows some progression. It’s likely that we’re going to be in League Two again next season but to say that we have a chance, albeit a very slight chance, of the playoffs on the final day is something that none of us could possibly imagine back in December. So let’s salute this effort, give the lads the lap of honour they deserve for giving us hope and belief in our team again. Northampton Town is back in good hands again and that’s something to be truly proud of.

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