>Bayo to go…it’s official!

Well the deadline has passed for Bayo’s decision to be made and despite the agent and the player both asking for more time Sammo thought that the time given was plenty and has ended all the speculation. One of the biggest players, in both senses of the word, to play for the club in the last decade has decided that his future lies elsewhere.

This, we cannot fight, and if we’d have gone up it might be a different story that you read right now. But as it is it was always going to be a fight to keep a player that has contributed bags of goals and livened up the squad whenever he’s played. For this, we are truly thankful and we’ve now unfortunately lost two great figureheads of the club in one day.

Bayo and Holty, we wish you both well and the Cobblers now move forward into a new era as such as replacements are sought to fill two giant holes.

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