>Gilbert signs one year deal

>Defender Peter Gilbert is the latest to answer his contract offer and today boosted Sammo’s squad for next season by agreeing to a one year deal. Gilbert was one of the most consistent players of last season and the fact that he was barely noticed says a great deal about his work. It’s an important signing in terms of continuity following the departures of Bayo and Holt yesterday and means that there are now just two players that we’re waiting to hear back from.

Abdul Osman and Liam Davis are yet to answer but have a little longer to reply and but we at least have some idea of what’s happening, something that’s not been too aparant in previous seasons. The budget is greatly reduced but Sammo will now have some idea of what he has to work with and this is even before the season has officially ended. Seb Harris, meanwhile, is looking likely to earn a deal with Bayo leaving and will be hoping to sort something out in the next few weeks. The American could be a useful asset as both a defender and forward and the Cobblers boss hinted that he may well yet have a role to play in his future plans.

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