>Sammo still looking for signings

Sammo has this week came out and stated that he is still in the market for one or two more players before the transfer window closes. Another striker is a priority with the Cobblers boss needing to get rid of a couple of players of his own before he makes a realistic approach for a replacement.

The odd goings on up front at the moment have seen transfer listed Steve Guinan preferred to new boy Tadhg Purcell, possibly a move by Sammo to hope that Guinan bangs some goals in early on to stick himself in the window! Those goals haven’t materialised though and Purcell must surely get his chance soon.

There’s apparently been a meeting involving Sammo asking for more funds from David Cardoza but the more likely story is that Guinan and/or fellow transfer listed player Craig Hinton may have to go first.

The clock is ticking on the transfer window…

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