>Carling Cup respite for Town

Right, hands up who would prefer three points on Saturday against Wycombe than progression in the Carling Cup tomorrow night? Come on now, you’re lying and dreaming of a big money game with Arsenal aren’t you?! I knew it…that’s better, I can now see most of your hands up. I’ll let a couple of you off because you’re glory hunters but well done the rest of you. You get three points for your efforts (plus a +1 goal difference!).

Anyway, the point is that although tomorrow night’s game would be spiffing to win, most of the sane Cobblers fans would swap it for a win over our friends from Buckinghamshire on Saturday. You might not admit it until we’ve lost tomorrow night but you would.

It’s conceivable for us to go to Reading and win, of course, having not won one of three league games so far and it would be typical for us to do it. Who knows what sort of side the home side will put out but it’s likely to be a half decent one. In Round One, a 1-0 extra time win at Torquay (yes someone HAS breached that Gulls defence this season), former Cobblers Alex Pearce and Nicholas Bignall were included so we should be in for a meeting of old acquaintances at least.

It seems a decent chance to give Thornton and Purcell a run out again with them both strangely reduced to the bench so far this season but we can’t afford to put out a second string.

Sammo will be looking to win this one AND Saturday’s game of course and we would all love that to happen as well of course so let’s just cross our fingers rather than raise our hands and hope that we don’t have to make a choice of preference in the coming days!

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