>Keep Sammo and Keep The Faith!

Message boards have, predictably, began the what seems to have become annual questioning of the manager and whether Sammo’s time is running out.

I know the results aren’t what we all expected but quite honestly it’s too early to be talking of Sammo going. I’m not fortunate enough to have been at too many games this season so I can’t perhaps comment as well as some on what’s happening on the pitch.

But the way I see it there’s a lot more to it then bad results. Torquay and Macclesfield aside, there’s been plenty of deciding factors that have gone against us…

Accrington/Bury draws…on the face of it a game we could have won (Accrington) and a fine draw at one of the toughest places to go in the league (Bury).

Wycombe/Aldershot…Drawing against one of the better sides in the league and then letting in a 96th minute equaliser against another doesn’t constitute failure in my eyes.

Southend…a terrific come from behind win.

Shrews…defeat that we must surely be able to take at a promotion favourite?

Bradford…Big win after the biggest night in our history a few days previous.

Chesterfield…All over them and then hit with two quick goal.

Chelts…On top until the sending off then still in the game with ten men, plus a late goal ruled out.

I know it sounds like excuses but for me we’re not actually too far from being a top half club. What we also need to realise is that we’re NOT a promotion contender this season, as hard as it is to say. Sammo did immensely well last season but lost his biggest asset and had to rebuild again and change the way we play. That take a lot longer than 11 league games and if we start chopping and changing then we’ll be in even more trouble and have to start again.

I have enough faith in Mr Cardoza that he is backing Sammo and won’t take silly measures. We can’t, unfortunately, have instant success and jump up the leagues just like that. We must remember that there are teams with better players, more experience managers etc etc that are ahead of us at the moment. With a bit of support for the manager and the team and the club we love as a whole we can sit the storm out, be proud and grateful that we have a well run club in the league and start building towards the ultimate goal of promotion…eventually!

Keep Sammo and for our own sanity, Keep the faith!

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