>No, that’s not the number of red cards the Cobblers have this season (though we’re pushing close!) but the number of posts made on this blog since I started back in 2006. Many posts have been jubilant, a few too many more haven’t been but with such a milestone here I’ll try not to linger too much on Barnet (shudders).

It was dismal wasn’t it?! Another red card after going a goal up through Leon McKenzie, and a complete capitulation after that. The recent revival shouldn’t be forgotten as message boards once again turn to talk of sacking Sammo/Cardoza resigning but the perilous position of third bottom needs to be sorted.

There’s not a great chance of making it any better at fourth placed Rotherham on Tuesday night, a venue where we had TWO players sent off last time out and it’s bad timing for the cup tie at Hillsbrough that looms on Saturday too. But we have to rubbish talks of Sammo going immediately.

I’ve been pro-Sammo from the start and maybe have a bias from watching him throughout the nineties as a player but a couple of wins again and we’ll be back in the mixer – it’s getting through a game with eleven men on the pitch that’s needed first and foremost!

Anyway, more pressing matters and our baby still hasn’t arrived but the sense of deflation after the Underhill disaster was certainly lessened as has been any defeat of late. I’ve been able to take things with a bit more of a pinch of salt than usual with such a mammoth life change about to happen.

I’m not saying I’ve lost my passion for the Cobblers but a defeat the Football League’s bottom club isn’t a worry to me as much any more. Worrying whether a little life will be safely delivered gives you more of a perspective on things and although I’ll be the first to drown my tears in a pint of Guiness if we face an unthinkable relegation in May, I know that I’ll still be a Cobbler if we’re Premier League or non-league. I’m comfortable with that and that’s probably why I’m more relaxed about the weekend’s result and the league table at the moment.

It seems a long time since missing a Cobblers game was the end of the world. Maybe I really am starting to grow up?! Scary, but after 2,000 mini rants to the half listening world, maybe it’s about time.

I look forward to 2,000 more posts and many more after that because this still gives me a platform to release my rantings. Who knows, by the time I write about the Rotherham game, I’ll have a little face looking up at me and begging me not to get her involved in all these emotions of following Northampton Town.

No chance, she’s a Cobbler, just like her old man. That’s that!

Here’s to 2,000 more…don’t worry, keep calm and carry right on. Or something like that.

Up the Cobblers!

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