>So with no more games to play this year, it’s time to look back on a year that will forever be etched in our memory forever more because of one night in September.

That day aside it’s been a typical kind of year for the Cobblers with a late surge towards the playoffs at the end of last season offering bags of hope for the new campaign come August. The final day of the season back in May was memorable only for Bayo’s final moment as a Town player as his final touch earned a draw against Bury. The big man packed his bags for Gillingham in the summer and the reshuffle never really got going until recently with Leon McKenzie starting to show the sort of form that fills the holes of Bayo’s leaving.

Elsewhere we’ve seen the return of John Johnson to the club, Chris Dunn’s rise and rise to become the dead cert for the Number One jersey and Sammo continueing to learn his trade as boss. Five defeats in October tested Mr Cardoza’s patience a little and the horrific 4-3 home reverse to Hereford sent us all to rock bottom.

But slowlty and surely we’ve got back on track and that’s made the recent bad weather even more irritating with a good run of form leading up to the wintery months that included an excellent victory over Stevenage in the last game played.

All in all it’s been steady but we can forgive everything else in 2010 for that one night, September 23rd when Northampton Town went to Anfield, put it all on the line and shook the rafters of one of the biggest clubs in the world. The penalty shoot out win over Liverpool will go down as one of the finest nights in the club’s history and to be there to witness is was one of the highlights of my life, two more of which were on the way.

Whatever happens in football, I’ve learnt this year that nothing in any way compares to life for emotions like I’ve had in the last month. When my daughter, Faith, was born exactly a month ago today the world as I knew it changed. All I think about now is my life with her and her incredible mother, Martha.

On Boxing Day, a sentimental day for my family, I asked Martha the biggest question of all and, quite luckily I thought, she said…yes! So we shall be married and be the family that little Faith deserves. Forgive me for a moment of pride but I feel truly blessed as 2010 comes to an end and a year that started undcertainly has become a year that I will treasure forever more.

So here’s to your 2010. I hope whoever you are you too feel the same way. This football lark really isn’t life or death…but when something truly remarkable happens like that day in September we should embrace it and call it what it was – a minor miracle!

Stay safe, stay positive and let’s hit 2011 running…oh and please let this snow go away so we can get some games on!

Happy New Year!

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