>Hodgson sacking gives us spotlight again

The sacking of Liverpool manager Roy Hodgson has returned us, albeit in a round about way, back into the public spotlight again. It seems an age ago that Abdul Osman swept home that beautiful spot kick to seal the greatest night in recent club history but in the past few days we’ve been seeing it again and again on news channels – never a bad thing indeed!

It’s a sign of the media’s views of that night that it’s seen as the starting point for Hodgson’s demise and the ultimate low point of Liverpool’s season. So let’s revel in it once again shall we?! Because as much as that game defined the Hodgson era at Anfield it was also the high point for a small League Two club that will last in the memories forever. A night when we became heroes as much as Liverpool became villains to their own folk.

So as Mr Hodgson relaxes at home with a daily dose of Countdown and Loose Women for company, we can reflect on the night that started his downfall and not feel guilty in the slightest. In all seriousness I do think he’ll be back in a role that suits him better than the pressures of Anfield but for now we salute once again the historical game that we will never forget.

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