>Football League’s word on the playoffs

>So here’s the reply I got from the Football League…they apparently “can’t give any more information at this time” than this…The FA will, I’m sure, respond by next November…


Thanks for your email regarding the play-offs. The Football League remains committed to using Wembley Stadium as its first choice venue for the Play-Off finals going forward, however an FA decision to stage the UEFA Champions League final on Saturday 28th May meant an alternative solution had to be found for this season.

Having liaised for some time to negotiate the best possible agreement for The League and its member clubs, a mutually agreed settlement was made to use Old Trafford for both the League 1 and League 2 finals.

Unfortunately we cannot provide any further information at this time.

2 thoughts on “>Football League’s word on the playoffs

  1. >Great point about OT having a "club [albeit it, one hell of a club] atmosphere" to it – Wembley would definitely have added something to the experience that any fan of the 48 Leg 1 & 2 teams deserve, especially after travelling to unremarkable places in undesirable weather in the middle of the week.Surely they can just move the fixtures a few days/a week later? It's not like the pitch will be ruined by one game in the CL Final (Wolves and Stoke arent in that comp. as far as I am aware). Having said that, I am not sure what the Wembley Arena schedule is like in the early summer. It wouldnt surprise me if there is another publicity event involving Lewis Hamilton/Chris Hoy…

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