>The FA responds…

>Here’s a reply received from the FA over the playoffs…still doesn’t explain a lot in terms of how late we were told. It appears the Championship still get their final after the Champions League final but it still begs the question of why we couldn’t just rearrange ours for the week after / shorten the season?!

The Champions League comes across here as, again, more important to the FA then their own playoff finals and it’s this that’s made me the most annoyed. Anyway, below is their reply:

Thank you for contacting The Football Association.

For one season only, the League 1 & 2 Play-Off Finals will be held at Old Trafford. As host venue, Wembley Stadium must ensure that no other event shall take place at the venue for two weeks prior to the date of the final. This is a condition of the staging agreement with UEFA.‪ ‪ This is a fairly unique challenge as it is not every year that that you get to host the Champions League Final.‪

Thank you again for taking the time to write. Whilst I appreciate this may not alleviate your concerns, I trust this clarifies our position.

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