>Points deduction for Hereford and Torquay

The Cobblers have moved up a place in League Two after Hereford United were docked three points and fined for fielding an illegible player during their game with Torquay United on 1st February. Torquay have also been deducted one point for playing Jake Robinson during the same game in which neither player registered for in time. There was a deadline of 12pm on the day before the game and because both were registered after that time, both teams are punished leaving the top and bottom of the table looking slightly different.

In Town’s favour, it add Hereford to the relegation battle once again as they join us on 43 points, just five above the drop zone. The Bulls also face leaders Chesterfield, Rotherham and Shrewsbury in their next three games so are right back in the dog fight.

At the other end, Torquay remain in the playoffs on goal difference despite losing that point but it could still come back to haunt them come the final knockings. It leaves the Gulls five points off an automatic promotion place.

Why the points deduction is different is still unclear though Hereford are considering an appeal considering that their paperwork is said to have been received earlier than Torquay’s did for Robinson.

I don’t think we’ve heard the last of this one but the affects are instant and gives us another rival in the fight to survive.

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