Dunn offered new contract

Chris Dunn has now been offered a new deal to stay with the Cobblers after a lot of umming and arring this week with the keeper attracting interest from teams in higher divisions. My guess is that Dunn has come back to the club with the offers dealt to him by those club(s) and we’re now in a position to have a look at what we can offer.

It’s been an odd one, with Dunn taking his time but surely Gary Johnson has to stick to his guns in terms of if a player wants to stay then he should know it straight away. Dunn has had a couple of weeks now to sort things out and it seems like he’s going backwards and forwards looking to pitch teams against each other in the battle for his signature.

The official word is that he has until June 21st to answer the offer and that’s a hell of a long way off for such an important position to be filled. We have to hope that he doesn’t drag the negotiations out until then and then jump ship anyway, leaving Johnson with a gaping hole to fill and with a month less in which to scout around.

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