He’s baaaaaack…Bayo returns to Cobblers!

It started with a sighting of the former Player of the Year in the club shop on Tuesday afternoon, it continued with various excited Tweets and Facebook messages but today it’s reality. Adebayo Akinfenwa is a Cobblers once again after a dramatic swoop by Gary Johnson. The big man rejected a new deal at Gillingham and signed on the dotted line back at Sixfields to give us an early summer present.

No-one wanted Akinfenwa to leave this time last year but life at the Priestfield doesn’t appear to have grabbed him despite eleven goals this season for the Gills. Fitness levels haven’t been as much of a problem either with forty four appearances under his belt. Questions about those levels will be shot down by what is looking like an intense pre-season under Johnson.
They say never go back but there’s surely not many Town fans out there against this move. There are, of course, some worries about the aforementioned fitness and whether he could reproduce the form once again that got us close to a playoff place in 2010. But what the signing does give us is a player to hold the ball up and a player back that we never truly replaced in terms of style.
Combined with that is the anticipation of a Bayo-Harrad link up in attack in what could well become one of the most feared front lines in the division. I’ve got my hopes up way too high before and know that one signing does not a summer make and all that but you can’t help but look forward to seeing that combination. That’s without even mentioning Billy McKay and Tadhg Purcell, two excellent forwards at this level who will want to push them all the way.
Bayo holds all of the day’s headlines though and we welcome him back with open arms. He signs on a two year deal!

2 thoughts on “He’s baaaaaack…Bayo returns to Cobblers!

  1. >Danny,I have to say, I wasn't aware of the tweets and general rumours, so this has come as a complete bolt out of the blue. I'm assuming, given GJ's commments about Dean Beckwith, that Bayo is moving up here?? He obviously had a much shorter drive to Gillingham and that must have helped with his fitness last season – I was amazed that he played 44 games. I though Billy McKay really missed Bayo last season – Billy is, in my opinion, a support striker and they complimented each other really well. Bayo supplied the strength and Mckay the workrate. I'm convinced we would have scored a lot more goals had those two been a regular forward line. The burden on young McKay was too much in his absence, especial after Purcells injury.We probably would have defended better as well had Bayo staye, with the ball sticking to him, giving the defence a breather.It is very exciting!!Joe

  2. >Agreed about the McKay thing, he never seemed to click with anyone like he did with Bayo. I think there's more to come from him and Purcell's coming back will be crucial too.Good point made about the defending as well…all too often we were losing the ball up front and quick teams broke away.Still can't believe he's back…more signings to come over the next few days apparently.

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