League Two Final Predicted Table!

After a week of previews, myself, Ben Mayhew (@greenwichgull) and Maxi Hobbs (@maxihobbs) have come up with individual predicted final tables for League Two. It’s something we can all look back on as the season progresses to see how wrong we’ve been and how rubbish we are at predictions plus something to argue with for all those teams I’ve placed in the bottom half!

The first thing that struck me when putting this together was how tough it was to squeeze the Cobblers into the top seven given the strengths of the teams that should, on paper at least, be up there challenging at the end of the season. I managed to fit us into seventh but there can be legitimate arguments from Oxford, Swindon, Southend, Wimbledon and Bradford fans in terms of the final playoff places. Even Port Vale, who I’ve placed in the bottom half, challenged for the majority of last term and can legitimately claim to be a playoff contender.

We’ve all seemed to agree that Crawley, Bristol Rovers, Rotherham and Shrewsbury will be the ones challenging the top three with my disregard of Oxford, who I placed in tenth, pulled back by Maxi’s third and Ben’s fifth place guesses. I can have no argument there and must admit to some ambitious thinking on the part of my own allegiance!

At the other end of the combined table, we all tend to agree that the same teams will be in trouble with Macclesfield and Burton taking up the combined bottom two places. I put a case forward for Albion to survive but Ben’s argument that saved Hereford put them just outside the predicted drop zone.

Of course, all of this will probably come back and slap us in our faces. I particularly remember predicting a playoff spot for the Cobblers last season and look where that took us…I apologise for any doom that follows!


2 thoughts on “League Two Final Predicted Table!

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