Football League Predictions Game!

The Football League Predictions Game is here!

To be ran directly on this blog, here’s your chance to compete with fellow Football League fans for the title of ultimate predictor 2011/12. The rules are pretty simple:

–          9 games selected at random from the Football League each weekend (no midweek games)

–          Each player predicts a score for each game

–          You will receive 3 points for a correct result (i.e. a home/away win or draw)

–          You will receive 5 points for a perfect score, predicting the exact result of a game.

–          The player with the most points at the end of the regular league season is the Champion.

To register for the game, please send a complete set of predictions for Game Week One from the list below. This will act as your official registration. Any predictions that arrive after 12pm on Saturday, August 6th will be void and no new players will be able to enter after this cut off point.

Please send your predictions for the following before 12pm on Saturday, August 6th and state a team name for yourself to

Good Luck and Happy Predicting!



Brighton v Doncaster

Burnley v Watford

Reading v Millwall

League One:

Huddersfield v Bury

Oldham v Sheffield United

Tranmere v Chesterfield

League Two:

Bradford v Aldershot

Morecambe v Barnet

Swindon v Crewe

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