Gilligan heads to Wales

Ryan Gilligan has ended months of searching for a new club as he joins Newport County on loan until January. The move is likely to be made permanent once the transfer window opens with the midfielder heading to South Wales and the Conference.

So comes to an end a strange ending to the relationship between the Cobblers and their longest serving current member of the squad. Gilligan made over 200 appearances for Town but something must have happened last season to make new boss Gary Johnson stubborn enough to leave him out completely and then refuse to accept him into his squads at the start of this season.

It was a shame for the midfielder who always looked like one of the players at least giving their all during the bad times of relegation from League One and then in League Two struggles as well. He joins County as they attempt to escape the non-league scene.

I personally wish him all the best…there’s been more than a fair share of knockers for Gilligan over the years but I think he’ll be an excellent signing for Newport and hopefully it means security for him over the coming months.


One thought on “Gilligan heads to Wales

  1. Morning All,

    Ryan Gilligan? Now there is a strange saga. Again, as I’ve said on several occasions, I’ve only really been watching Northampton for 3-4 seasons having moved up from London, so it was interesting walking in on the strained relationship between Gilligan and the fans. It wasn’t just him though;the same could be said about Dunn and, probably, Giles Coke a few seasons back. Same at every club I suppose.

    I thought Gilligan was generally good for Northampton and, in the early part of the season, despite being injured and played out of position, he contributed a lot to the team. I remember Sampson lauding him in the press, how he was playing through injury for the team etc. Then, later in the season, he was left out of the squad and suddenly shipped off to Torquay – a team competing for promotion as Northampton struggled. It didn’t make any sense to me. Something musty have happened behind the scenes. The fact that Gary Johnson didn’t rate him is another matter (although,again, the way he was immediately and publicly dismissed by GJ was rather odd and suggested something deeper).

    It is rather telling, however, that a lot of players released in the Summer, and now Ryan, have dropped down a league – thankfully they didn’t do it with NTFC!

    The next two league fixtures are telling and will provide an interesting pointer for the season. After the win at Ipswich and the dogged performance at Aldershot last week, Bristol R in the week was a bit of a comedown. Six points on the board will probably put them back up amonst the play-offs, where they should be with that squad. Robinson needs to start taking his chances.


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