For the final part of the Anfield series of articles, here’s some of your tweets and messages that have found their way to me over the last few weeks as Cobblers fans remember The Greatest Night!

@EnkyJenky This is why we stay so loyal – through nights of despair when we questioned why we do it. Beautiful

@DHCobbler_NTFC I guess, it’s the only thing we can look back and say “We were proud supporters”

@KathrinaN I remember thinking we were going to get tonked but it’s not every day you get to go to anfield

@robdunkley lessons even in row five if it rains you will get drenched do not use merseyside police to give you directions!

@KathrinaN being soaked to the skin! random text messages from work colleagues about football!! having to teach Btec first with no voice

@hazapots1 all I can say is what a night and I got Paul Rodgers shirt I still wear it to remind me of good times

@Iest_ntfc random anfield memory, driving home with 3 half naked blokes, I should have listen to the mrs when she told me to tale a coat

@Des_Wes anfield was incredibly atmospheric. It was our version of liverpool’s champions league final. Pure elation from all our goals

To finish off, here’s those glorious highlights once again 🙂



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