Robinson and Savage the latest on the list!

Jake Robinson is the latest Cobblers player to suffer the wrath of Gary Johnson with his form since arriving this summer deemed not good enough and it appears the former Shrewsbury and Torquay man is on his way out the Sixfields door. With the season just entering November it seems a bit rash to me as the boss tries to turn around a shocker of a start.

It’s true that Robinson hasn’t found the net so far and that seems to be the basis of Johnson’s thoughts but unless there’s real unrest from the player I see no reason to let go a player that can still be one of the better players of the division. There will be plenty of folk who disagree with me but I really don’t think that you become a bad player overnight and there still could have been plenty he could have given to the cause.

After Shaun Harrad left in January and Tadhg Purcell was farmed out on loan there was already a lack of attacking talent here and now another striker is about to leave. In two months, Johnson has got rid of a proven goal scorer in Harrad and then within a short space of time changed his mind that Robinson was sufficient to replace him. What happens now is anyone’s guess with another loan the probable answer.

But will that loan necessarily be any better? And do we really want to get to the point again where we bring in loan after loan after loan, a system that ultimately led to the end of Stuart Gray?

I would argue that Purcell, Robinson and even the forgotten loanee Ryan Giiligan are all safer feet than others in the squad. Can anyone argue that they would rather choose Savage over Purcell, McKoy over Gilligan or another unproven loan instead of a man who fired Torquay to the playoffs last season?

Time will tell but this is another upsetting departure just when things looked slightly more positive! I, along with a couple of hundred others, will of course be right behind whoever does play in claret at Gillingham but I really hope this doesn’t go down as another mistake from the under fire boss.

***Added to the above and news coming from the club this morning was the listing of Bas Savage. The big striker only renewed his contract recently to keep him here until January but is now being made available for loan. Though this one won’t be as big a disappointment as Robinson going, it’s still another striker on his way out leaving just Bayo and on loan Berhaino as recognised forwards…***

2 thoughts on “Robinson and Savage the latest on the list!

  1. He hasn’t scored yet cos the mighty gaffer either starts him on the bench or on the wing. what the hell is going on with GJ’s decisions? I wish we still had Osman, Guttridge, Thornton, Davis and Harrad

    • I would wager that he would have done a lot better had he been paired up front with Bayo! Some decisions are getting more and more baffling. One saving grace is that it’s only a loan they’re looking at getting him at the moment so there’s the most outside of chances that Robinson could return. You watch him go to a fellow League Two side and start banging in the goals now!

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