Boothroyd appointed!

The search for the brave soul that’s going to take the Cobblers (hopefully) forwards is over as Aidy Boothroyd became our new boss today on a one year rolling contract. The rumours over the last day or so have sent fans scouring message boards and forums looking for opinions and trying to calculate past records in terms of matches won, dodgy patches and promising moments.

The fact is that nothing can compare to the challenge facing Boothroyd now. His unexpected success at Watford, taking the Hornets to the Premier League and to an FA Cup Semi-Final, was balanced a little by more modest terms at Colchester and Coventry but what we have to focus on now is looking ahead to the future and making sure that at the bare minimum we’re a Football League side again next season.

There’s bound to be some comparisons to the Gary Johnson appointment with a proven track record etc etc but to me it’s a solid appointment when you look at some of the more concerning and inexperienced names in the running. Boothroyd has a point to prove and certainly seems passionate for the game – something that needs to be instilled back in this group of ailing players as soon as possible.

As I said, it’s a mammoth task ahead and we have to be patient with the knowledge that five or six of our current crop are out of contract in January and that Boothroyd can make no real changes to the personnel until then thanks to the untimely closing of the loan window last week.

His more direct style of play has been brought up on occasions but to be honest if we’re winning games then who can truly say that they’ll be arguing? Johnson promised Barcelona style play and look how that worked out! The priorities are points to keep us afloat and get us at least back into mid-table, not to try and be pretty. We need to play the ball the right way, not see Bayo as a giant but as a holder up of the ball at his feet. Most of all we need the players to show some desire out on the pitch. It’s all well and good coming out and saying you care but actions, in this case, speak so much louder than words.

So do I think Boothroyd is the right appointment? I would say a hearty ‘Yes’. He clearly loves the game – he’d have to love it to consider taking charge of the Cobblers at the moment! – and can hopefully fill the players with his own confidence and belief. Time will tell of course and I said a hell of a lot more about Johnson when he was appointed so now I’ll just let Boothroyd get on with it, be patient with what he has at his disposal and pray that we’ve made an appointment that, this time, will bear the fruit that the Cardozas deserve.

Boothroyd Fact File

Age 40
Clubs Managed Watford, Colchester United, Coventry City
Clubs Played For Huddersfield Town, Bristol Rovers, Hearts, Mansfield Town, Peterborough United
Highs Taking Watford into the Premier League through the playoffs in 2006Steering the Hornets to the FA Cup Semi-Finals in 2007
Lows Sacked as Coventry manager in March 2011 after one win in sixteen games
Quote “Professional footballers should be professional. They have a responsibility to come in, listen and learn, watch their performances, analyse where they went wrong and improve. Not to come in, have a five-a-side, bugger off and play golf. I get quite passionate because I was that person. I was a mercenary who went from club to club on a free transfer and, really, that’s not how football should be. “

2 thoughts on “Boothroyd appointed!

  1. I’d concur that Boothroyd was the stand out name on a very long list – the length of which reflects the tenuous nature of football the modern game. The other name mentioned that caught my eye was Ronnie Moore; he seemed fairly successful at keeping Rotherham in the top of the table, something that would do very nicely at the moment!

    To say I am disappointed, and indeed suprised, at the way things turned out under Johnson is a massive understatement. He seemed to get everyone that he wanted over the Summer, and yet with Turnbull, Corker and Robinson he decided after one or two games that they weren’t good enough – it just didn’t make any sense! After that, it seemed to be a conveyor belt of loans signings that he also bombed out fairly quickly.

    Anyway, onwards and upwards!


  2. Agreed, when you look at some of the names being banded about it’s a positive that we’ve managed to get the man who appeared to be the number one choice of Cardoza, perhaps after Calderwood until he joined Birmingham?

    He seems to know what he’s doing in terms of motivation and I think he’ll be able to relate to us fans a hell of a lot more than Johnson ever did. Looking forward to seeing what becomes of it all and glad we’ve got a break this weekend so that AB can have a proper look at the squad.

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