Match of the Day…

For the first time since November 27th 2010 I just didn‘t care. I didn’t care a jot when my best friend and honorary Cobbler Jamie crept up to me at dinner and whispered “1-0 Oxford” before confirming our defeat later on in the day. For those of you who follow my twitterings and the like you know exactly why I didn’t care. It wasn’t that my loyalty had temporarily left or that I was fed up and given up on our season but simply because the dinner table on which I was sat was facing eighty of our friends and family. Because those friends and family had worked minor miracles in helping to bring together a meal for each other and for us. And because, most importantly, I had just married the love of my life.

I must warn those of a nervous disposition when it comes to all that mushy, lovey dovey stuff that this latest blog probably isn’t for you. I’ll see you in the Burton preview later this week!

I used to wonder when I was growing up whether I would get married and if so would the bride in question be tolerant of my fascination with a little football club. When I first started dating Martha I got my answer, sooner than I thought. She started asking me how ‘we’ were doing, following results and generally showing interest in something that I thought wholly disinteresting and unfathomable to an outsider who never really followed football let alone trying to grasp a passion for League Two.

She also fancied Danny Jackman, which helped.

Fast forward to last Saturday and back to the said whisper in my ear. I felt exactly how I had done on that day in November 2010 when I found out late in the evening that the Cobblers had been knocked out of the FA Cup by Sheffield Wednesday. Back then the football went completely back into my subconscious mind because my daughter had been born that afternoon. It was the same here…it might sound harsh but I couldn’t care less how Northampton Town were doing.

I was having a ‘moment’ and as a man that’s hard to admit. We’ve only been in Bath for just over a year yet our church family, friends and own families had created a monumental atmosphere that I will never, ever forget. An entire church had been cleared of pews (harder than it sounds!), decorated and been set up for a meal in time to host our wedding reception. Looking around I was completely overwhelmed at the work that had been done and so excited at a life ahead with my new wife.

With Martha sat next to me it truly felt like I was on top of the world and could do anything and that’s what it’s all about. Even my speech, the notes of which I had left in my jeans earlier that day, was conquered with ease. Public speaking is not my strong point by a long way but having had the day I’d had and having Martha next to me I felt, and still feel, like I could do anything I wanted without feeling the need to be nervous.

This all sounds a bit self-indulging now and I apologise for that and will wrap it up. I just felt that as a blogger that has captured every moment of the life of Northampton Town for the last five and a half years it was only right that I tried to capture what was the happiest day of my life and on a par with Faith’s birth.  Further down that list go Anfield, Wembley and promotions.

Because sometimes life is just far too important!

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