Club put back together again…now time to look up?!

There’s different types of proud moments in the history of Northampton Town Football Club that get those goose bumps going just thinking about them. Wembley, Sammo’s winner at London Road, Plainmoor, Field Mill, Anfield to name just a few. Most of those moments feature epic wins or crucial promotions but last night’s emotions, already described marvellously by Jamie here, felt on a par even to some of our most famous nights.

It shouldn’t have…you would think that a mid-March encounter against the bottom club would feature either real delight at best or despair at the least. But as the seconds ticked by at Victoria Road and I, along with many others desperately hoping through Twitter and texts, was getting a bit overcome with it all. I probably would have just felt big deflation had a late equaliser gone in but as it was the final whistle produced my biggest outpouring of energy so far this season.

There was something about the Cobblers holding on, knowing what the difference was between being five points clear and being trapped within two or three of the drop zone. There was something about the incredible Town support, clearly audible for most of the game through the radio, that made me damn proud of the club as a whole. It’s becoming more and more likely that we have indeed come through this patch and are looking up rather than down. I don’t want to say it’s all over because anything can happen but on the other hand we must salute this effort of guts and praise the players and management who have rescued our season from the abyss.

I’m warming to Aidy Boothroyd more and more by the week. His interviews are straight to the point, honest and determined and he knows exactly how to relate to the supporters that have never left the side of their beloved club. Boothroyd has instilled his own steel and determination to every one of his players and made believers out of the fans at the same time and has us actually thinking that we can go and carry it on at Accrington on Saturday afternoon.

Knowing the Cobblers like we do that’s not to say we’re already safe, not by a long shot. But what happened last night did so much more than earn us three points – it brought the club back to a place in which we can finally feel happy about ourselves again.

Onwards to Accy!

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