Wilson grabs the headlines as home campaign ends in draw

Northampton Town 1-1 Gillingham

When it gets to the stage of the season when there’s nothing to play for and not a lot is at stake you start to look at stories that you can pick out of games, especially when you run a small blog chronicling those events. On this occasion it wouldn’t be an Andy Holt swan song stealing the show as an injury kept the departing future Cobblers legend to simple 50/50 results puller. It wouldn’t be a repeat of November’s 4-3 epic at the Priestfield. And it wouldn’t be a story of Gillingham putting their names right back in the hunt for the top seven.

Instead, nineteen year old Lewis Wilson was the talking point on most people’s lips in terms of the Cobblers’ performance as his goal helped to keep the Gills’ dreams of the playoffs locked away for another season. Wilson’s goal won’t end up in a show reel of his best ever goals when he’s sat with his grandkids showing them his old ways but it will still be one of the more memorable as he stabbed in to give the Cobblers the lead on his full debut for the club.

Of course we shouldn’t get too excited (do we ever?!) about another young prospect. The name Courtney Herbert comes immediately to mind when you think of past masters of getting the claret faithful excited that we have a future star and thus a future money maker in our midst. We can only hope that Wilson goes the way of Michael Jacobs and not of Herbert. Jacobs could well have made his final ever Sixfields appearance in a Town shirt in this one and we now await the results of his contract negotiations. My hunch is that he’s off, with a bid rejected early last week from Derby and the presence of Peterborough’s Barry Fry looming in the West Stand on Saturday.

With others set to be informed on their futures this week (Paul Turnbull and Aaron Davies, I’m looking at you) we should hopefully have an idea by the end of the Rotherham game – the last of the season – as to who’s in and who’s out.

A strange mess of a goal that was apparently given to Jo Kuffour meant that this group of players that were trying to impress had to settle for a point but given the shambles we were in the last time we met we’ll have that!

The final whistle was followed by the ‘traditional’ pitch invasion from the home support. That just makes me feel uncomfortable to be completely honest. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good ‘peg it on the pitch’ as much as the next guy/girl but when you’re looking likely to finish nineteenth or twentieth in the league there should be more sense shown.

By that I mean that it’s been a fantastic job done by Aidy and the Gang since February. I get that, I love that and I appreciate that. But thanks to the mini invasion they didn’t get the standing ovation that they so truly deserved. After some monumental efforts over the last few months, those players deserved a send-off and those long suffering supporters deserved to have the chance to thank them – particularly the one not able to get to Rotherham next week.

Anyway, rant over – save the invasions for times of utter jubilation like a promotion…believe me, it’s worth it.

So we’re down to one more match and Rotherham should be as run of the mill as this one but hopefully we can end this crazy season on a bit of a high and finally stick one to Steve Evans!

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