Time for calm as rumour mill takes its prisoners!

It doesn’t take a lot to get people talking on your average summer evening of the summer transfer window. A simple tweet from Chronicle and Echo talisman Jefferson Lake, a sudden departure from a league rival or a spotting of a doppelganger in a local Tesco’s are the usual things to get Cobblers, and I’m imagining, most teams’, fans going.

I tend not to be in that camp. Rumours are fun most of the time but when you get outrage at your club not signing a player that went from ‘released at club a’ through ‘he’s definitely looking for a house in the area’ to ‘signed for club b (not your own team)’ it can all get a bit silly. A rumour is a rumour and in the world of Twitter and online forums there seems to a hell of a lot more of a panic than there was back ‘in my day’ when a quick glance of the local rag was all you needed to whet your appetite during a drawn out summer where the only sporting hope was Tim Henman.

Fortunately this summer we have a plethora of sport to keep us entertained so it should, in theory, be one of the fastest summers between seasons in a long time. Aidy is doing his job in a fine manner…we didn’t hear anything of Clive Platt or Alex Nicholls’ signings before they were announced and that’s a testament to the Cobblers boss and his dealings.

So I’m quite calm personally this summer and more than I have been in previous pre-seasons. I have complete and utter trust in the manager to sign players that will take us forward and am ready and willing to wait and see what happens whilst I try to distance myself from believing that England will win Euro 2012.

I still cannot wait for the first big moment of the summer that comes up a week on Monday and will be, as usual, refreshing the Cobblers’ home page frantically around 9am. But if we don’t have any more player additions (or exits) by that time then you won’t find me frantically shaking in the corner of a dark room.

No news is not necessarily bad news!

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