Time to move on as Jacobs signals intent

Jacobs…on his way

It’s been confirmed today that Michael Jacobs has rejected the new contract offered to him by the Cobblers and if he wasn’t odds on to leave Town already then he definitely is now. When the official website talks of rejected contracts there’s usually a sense that another offer would be forthcoming. In this case, the site confirms interest from the Premier League and the Championship and that can only mean that they’re not going to fight any more to keep their most prized asset.

It’s fair enough. Jacobs has to move on with his career and if this interest from that high up is genuine then who are we to stop him? Now is the right time for him to move on and now is also the time when we need to be trying to speed up the process if Jacobs is keen to do the same. The club needs to know exactly what sort of budget we’ll be working with and it would give Aidy Boothroyd a massive helping hand if he can have definite money on the table from any sale or compensation.

It remains to be seen as to what route Jacobs takes. Mark Bunn, starved of big opportunities since joining Blackburn Rovers from Town in 2008, will warn that it takes time to break into a first team having been loaned out twice since heading north. Jacobs is a slightly different case being an outfield player but he should be warned.

I just hope for the player that he gets a realistic move with a good manager to guide him through the rigours of what could be frustrating times initially. It’s unlikely to be a move where he goes straight into a first team and he will have a lot to prove. Having the right man in charge will be absolutely crucial to his progression.

I also hold no grudge at all against Jacobs. He’s leaving the club in the right way, has been completely honest and will be welcomed back one day if he ever returns for an opposing team. I’m hoping there’s a few sneaky clauses in the contract wherever he goes as well so that we can benefit a little should he ever become a full international, play 30 times a season or make a cup of tea for Arsene Wenger.

So good luck Mr Jacobs, always one of our own.

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