(New) Home comforts

So the reason for no report and reaction to the weekend disaster at Chesterfield is nothing to do with the result and performance that went with it (honest!) but more because of another house move for yours truly. It’s becoming a theme of this blog to include a house move once every eighteen months or so and to be honest I’m getting used to it.

As a brief explanation, a bigger house suddenly became available in our great village here in Peasedown St. John. For many years, my wife and I have been dreaming of opening up a house to the local community. Up until this point, the right place never came along but this one felt right and will be one that can cope with whatever the local area might need in terms of a space for groups or a place to chill out and meet neighbours. It’s a massive challenge but one that we’re really happy to be facing.

Anyway, to try and tie this in with the theme of this blog and so that it doesn’t become a self-promotional piece, the move had me thinking of all the other places I’ve hung my hat over the years and how a house can form the backdrop for some memorable moments whilst following Northampton Town. Yes, this is a distraction piece so that I forget all about Saturday’s result!

Whether it be a joyful promotion after arriving back to a student house in Southampton in 2006 to find my best mate Jamie, celebrating his own team’s (Chelsea) Premier League clincher on the same day and subsequently painting the town claret (and blue), a relegation night spent in the company of my Dad or high fiving a poster of Neil Grayson on my first bedroom wall after victory at Wembley in 1997 these dwellings are always a part of the memories.

So what now? Every time I move I wonder, quite sadly and very over analytically, whether this will be the home the welcomes me back after another promotion or whether I’ll be trudging back up this path after relegation. Will I be looking back in years to come at a high point in the life of Northampton Town Football Club with this house and its many quirks as the background image that will forever be etched in that memory? Will I be sat in this very living room when I sweat out a last day of the season commentary because I can’t make the match? Will I be dancing around this garden during a month of May or will I be crying into my summer tea at this kitchen table?

This is the mind of a football fan (well, this one anyway!). Being an avid supporter does this to a person. I sit here in my newest bedroom typing away in the depth of night and I know that this particular season will definitely end with me in this house and could theoretically go either way. The Cobblers are still a point off the playoffs after Saturday and I’ve been trying to stay positive that we’re in with a chance.

Home comforts are keeping us in the top half of the table and if we are to go anywhere near the playoffs then it’s the away form that needs to really pick up. Ironically, whether I will be celebrating a huge moment of the Cobblers’ history in this home is likely to be heavily influenced by my team’s ability away from theirs!

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