A brief summer interlude

We interrupt this Season in Review for…

…well nothing much really other than the fact that I thought you might be getting bored so I wanted to pop in and say hello. How’s your summer going? Something about the weather and all that.

We’re in the kind of spell of the year that’s a drag for football fans. It’s the start of June on a calendar year that features no European Championships or World Cup. More so than we would be on said years, we’re doing things equivalent of pacing up and down a room or twiddling our thumbs as we wait for the first signs of football life. We get a glimmer of hope next week with two big events…the Capital One Cup First Round draw on Monday which will bring more joy than necessary for such a thing and something much more appetising in the league fixtures being released on Wednesday. That signals the official start of the ‘let’s get excited again’ period and the count down towards the pre-season friendlies so at least things will be moving along. And of course it’s nearly time for that summer wonder of Wimbledon where we all pretend to LOVE tennis for two weeks (COME ON TIM!! )

I’ve tried to busy myself on weekends and I’m sure you’re the same. If you don’t you just go mad refreshing the club website for hours on end ever hopeful that we will be announcing a hot summer signing at any moment. I’m not getting drawn into transfer rumours this year…the names being bandied about are as entertaining as always but I’m trying to keep an open mind and just wait and see rather than get excited when an ‘insider’ spots a man in a suit that looks like Steve Howard enter Sixfields only to find out it’s actually just Kelvin Langmead after a good shave popping in for his summer check-up and to make sure the magical captain’s armband is still in his locker safe and sound.

As the next couple of weeks progress I’m sure some of the contract situations will be finalised and then panic will ensue when the start of July hits and decisions are made final. That’s when the fun will well and truly start up again.

For now I’ll keep dragging out the Season Review to make it look like I’m doing something and hope I get to interrupt it again sometime soon with some nice new additions to the Cobblers squad.

Peace to all!


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