Still searching for hangover cure

Boothroyd...looking to clear the Wembley smoke

Boothroyd…looking to clear the Wembley smoke

It’s not been the start we’d hoped for has it? Back to back defeats at the hands of York City and then MK Dons weren’t exactly the tonic needed for the Wembley blues. I personally would have prescribed  a 3-0 trouncing of the Minstermen and then an upset of the Dons to kick start a campaign that badly needed to wipe away the smoke of the showpiece day out turned bad from May. But the Cobblers still haven’t go over that Wembley hangover and with ‘top of the table’ and momentum builders Newport County in town for the first home league game of the season on Saturday it’s a tough test for us to blow away the cobwebs.

Aidy Boothroyd has revealed that he told the players to all bring in something from the Wembley disaster on the first day of pre-season, be it a programme, ticket stub or anything of that ilk. He then created a bonfire and threw all of those items on it to theoretically put it behind them. An excellent idea but it seems there’s still some smoke hanging around.

The first two games could be dismissed as an unlucky ten man defeat and a half expected reverse against a side a league above our level but concerns are growing about the lack of a Bayo replacement and the mixed messages coming as to whether we are indeed going for another striker or settling for what we have in Clive Platt, Roy O’ Donovan and youngsters David Moyo, Ivan Toney and JJ Hooper.

I like Roy and can see him bagging his fair share of goals given a full campaign. He was unlucky not to score at York and took our first goal of the season well against the Dons on Tuesday night. Platt splits opinion as most big strikers do but his performances will be key. If he can somehow turn around the masses calling for something better then it won’t be a bad first choice partnership at all. What we can’t do is get on his back just because he’s Clive Platt. The younger lads need a chance but I would be looking to bring in something more ‘now’ if I were Boothroyd right now.

At the end of the day, though, it’s down to him and we must get right behind whoever it is wearing the claret shirt. There’s a reason why Boothroyd has the job and there’s a reason why he managed to steer us to Wembley in the first place.

A nice hangover cure on Saturday would be just the thing to get the positivity back and to finally erase the smoke from that Wembley bonfire.

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