Some things are just more important…

I was sitting here at around 5:30pm on Saturday ready to analyse the result and performance of my football team, having so much to say about what’s gone wrong and how much trouble we’re in when news began to emerge of the Cobblers fan that tragically passed away on his way back from the game. Suddenly, everything was put into perspective and what had gone before just didn’t seem to matter as much anymore.

There are times in life that just hit you for six and though I’m certainly not the right person to be able to find anything near the right words for the poor family that said goodbye to a loved one before he left for a football match, never imagining that he wouldn’t return. But nor is it my place to write a match report or a run-down of the trials and tribulations of his football club at this time, particularly for this match.

The Cobblers will wait for another day and there will be plenty to say here about football matters. But on this weekend you just have to sit back and realise that some things are far more important. I send my blessings, prayers and thoughts to the family of this man and thank everyone from the football supporting world that have sent messages to the club.

For now, everything else can wait.

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