No news is no news…

WaitingDodgy rumours, silences and frustration are becoming the staple diet of Northampton Town fans this January as our football club goes further and further into the mire without even playing football matches. After the Torquay postponement there seemed to be the perfect window to appoint a new manager once and for all but once again we’re going into the weekend in the knowledge that Andy King will be taking charge of the team.

Whilst that, in itself, surely rules King out of the job full time (any appointment of the former Swindon boss now would appear very much like he was way down the list of options) there still appears no end to a saga that’s now lasted over a month.

The rumours of Colin Calderwood making a return came and went with the rumours being that he agreed a deal but then went back on it but you can never be 100% sure where football is involved. David Cardoza has sent out his weekly update stating that we’re still waiting for those one or two things to happen before we can make a move and everyone with any access to a keyboard seems to think that they’ve unravelled the mystery.

As soon as a manager is sacked (Paul Ince), resigns (Graham Turner) or is seen in the general vicinity of Sixfields Stadium (the Northampton Clown) there’s suddenly a new person ‘in the know.’ It’s like one long, drawn out transfer deadline day.

In all seriousness, the most worrying thing about the whole thing is that I’ve started to see a number of Cobblers supporters actively questioning their own loyalty to the club. People who have been following us for decades have started to grow wearier and wearier at the club’s plight and the more desperate thing is that it’s completely understandable.

Let’s get it clear – I get it that we have to keep it quiet if we’re coveting another teams’ manager and legal action is something that we simply cannot afford to get involved in. But we need more than a one minute videos once a week when there’s so much on the line. This appointment has to be the right one but I would rather we missed out on ten possible managers if we’re just going to be told straight down the line that that’s what has happened.

What we’re left with is people getting more and more frustrated by the day as no further information is forthcoming. We go into a set of two home games knowing that a plenty of the punters will be in a foul mood even before kick-off and when there’s six big points up for grabs against two promotion hopefuls that’s an added stress for both visitors to pick up and run with. The managers of Chesterfield and Rochdale, Paul Cook and Keith Hill, will know exactly what to do and will look to add further misery to one of the most disrupting and disengaging months in recent memories.

In other news…

The Cobblers put in an actual cash bid for Charlton striker Michael Smith this week. But Smith, who scored nine times whilst on loan at AFC Wimbledon earlier this season, has apparently chosen to join League One Swindon Town instead for what’s thought to be a fee of £200,000. Why someone would pick a team gunning for a playoff berth in League One rather than one without a manager and rock bottom of the Football League I don’t know. Never mind, I’m sure this Smith would be up for a return…


Speaking of former Town strikers, Marc Richards was given his marching orders in Chesterfield’s dramatic 2-2 draw against Rochdale last night so he’ll be unavailable to wreak havoc on the Cobblers this Saturday. There you go – some good news. Sort of.

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