Fan Feature: Plymouth Argyle

PLYMOUTHA few months ago, we spoke to Dave Weeks ahead of the Cobblers’ game at Home Park against Plymouth Argyle. Plenty has changed since then in both camps and Dave is back again this week to give us his thoughts on how the season is going for his beloved Pilgrims, their activity in the transfer window and on the expectations for the run-in. You can follow Dave on Twitter at @DaveWeeks16.

How’s things been at Argyle since we last met?

Better, I wouldn’t say a lot but it is better, we’re finding ourselves harder to beat even if we do play poor. Also being further up in the table proves that, even though the league is tight somewhat.

How was your transfer window? Any big signings or sales?
Ok, we signed Banton and Parsons from Palace, both good signings for this league, although Parsons got injured as soon as he came in so haven’t seen much of him. Deadline day we was all expecting a striker to come in until Sheridan came out and said that it was unlikely we’d get anyone which ruined it. In desperate need of a striker too.

The Pilgrims are still the second lowest scorers in League Two (we’re the lowest!) … have you done much to address this since our last game?
Nope. Well we did, we had Lavery in from Sheffield Wednesday in December he made a big impact but they took him back and we haven’t got anyone in so we’re playing pretty much strikerless as Rueben Reid isn’t really stepping up.

Can you put a run together to make it into the playoffs? What needs to change if you’re going to get there?
I highly doubt it, Sheridan promised attacking football 2 games ago, both of those games we’ve hardly attacked at all. So until we get a striker in (on loan) I can’t see it, be more draws than anything.

Finally, a score prediction for Saturday?
Everything screams a win for Northampton, but i’ll go for 1-1. If it isn’t called off.

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2 thoughts on “Fan Feature: Plymouth Argyle

  1. My perception from a distance is that Argyle will be difficult to beat.They don’t score many goals so that gives the Cobblers a glimmer of hope but we need to be wary about Argyle’s ability to score goals late on in games to win or rescue a game something which they have done on a number of occasions this season.The absence of their first choice keeper might also help our cause although in the past Jake Cole, his deputy, has played well against us for both Argyle and Barnet.Key issue will be with the poor weather forecast for Saturday will the investment in the waterproof covering at Sixfields be enough to allow the game to go ahead.

    • I’m hoping the covers do their job Roger…I think we’re actually ready to play now, whereas the other postponements were well timed! They’ll be really tough to beat but I think we can nick it.

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