Wilder’s plea the perfect timing – now get this deal done!


I’m not sure what else can be said that’s not already been about this whole sorry saga but I was primed and ready – following yet another heroic performance by players living on the edge at Notts County on Saturday – to write something that would try to capture the mood once again. Then came Chris Wilder’s post-match interview that did my job for me. It’s unlikely that you’ve not heard it by now but here it is if not:


It’s very clear now if it wasn’t already that Wilder is one of the few that is actually ‘in the know’. He’s kept quiet and acted with extraordinary dignity for months now but on Saturday it was time for that barrier to rightly be broken.

Wilder’s words reflect how everyone is feeling a thousand times more than I could ever try to do but also gave us an insight into the Kelvin Thomas deal that’s hanging by a thread. The offer is clearly there and is a good one. Four local businessmen (Barry Stonhill, David Jackson, Barry Hancock and Brian Binley) have put together what Wilder calls the ‘rescue package’ and are likely waiting in the wings to get something done should the Thomas deal fall through.

David Cardoza basically holds the football club’s future in his hands and the time is now to stop messing with people’s livelihoods, agree a deal and get as far away from Northampton as possible. A petition has begun online and has attracted nearly 2,000 signatures as of today:


Chris Wilder’s passionate message on Saturday may yet be the biggest turning point in the sale of the club. No longer can Cardoza sit behind made up deadlines, fob anyone off or try to hide the facts. Wilder is one of the probably few people that has seen the proposal and it’s absolutely right that he’s come out and said what he knows.

His players and staff are performing miracles and all deserve to be at this club for years to come if and when this gets sorted out. This situation isn’t about league positions but to be third in the table in the midst of all this is sensational.

Now, though, is the time to make sure that the long suffering staff members are able to feed their families. Mr Cardoza, you are playing with people’s livelihoods and you know what to do to make that stop. If you truly do care as much about the future of the club as you say, you will get this deal done NOW.

Edit: Northampton Chronicle and Echo are reporting that a deal with Kelvin Thomas could be done TODAY. The words ‘promise’ and ‘David Cardoza’ don’t mean a lot any more but it’s something to cling on to (and refresh Twitter all afternoon for.) Please let this be it! 

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