Demontagnac in to fill Jacobs gap

Demontagnac…new Cobbler

Almost as quickly as Michael Jacobs sealed his move away came a replacement straight out of the ‘we’ll rebuild you, son’ mould. Ishmel Demontagnac signed on a two year deal and quick glances around at his former club’s supporters gave us an idea of what we might expect.

From Walsall came statements of a talented player but troublesome character off the pitch. Demontagnac was arrested in 2008 for a breach of peace before being shown the door by his club. From Blackpool, his next stop, came stories of an exciting talent who graced the Premier League at one point. Following loans at Chesterfield and Stockport County, he moved to Notts County where there were again murmurings of raw talent.

With a gap on the wing, it’s great to have signed someone with elements of pace and hopefully some of the tales of woe from other clubs won’t repeat themselves. The Walsall incident is particularly worrying and there are elements of risk involved in handing a two year deal but everyone deserves a second chance and it’s clear that we have a talented individual on our hands.

If anyone is going to get him focused, though, it’s Aidy Boothroyd and perhaps the two year deal will allow the player to feel trusted enough to give it his all and get his eyes back on the job. At 24 years old there’s still time and we might yet have a gem in our midst.

The next job will almost certainly be the defence with a left back and centre back position still vacant as we head into July and the start of pre-season next week. The pieces, though, are coming together pretty nicely despite losing a top talent yesterday.