Excitement builds as tickets go on general sale!

Charlies-ticketI was fortunate enough on Tuesday evening to receive a phone call from my Dad who had took the early option on Wembley tickets and grabbed them early along with around 6,000 other Cobblers fans on the first day of sale. From the moment I had my seat confirmed it actually became real for the first time and I’m sure when tickets go on general sale this morning there will be plenty of others jumping for joy, tweeting away and planning their travel.

For anyone who hasn’t found the ticket link to buy online, it’s right here:


The fact that we have 40,000 tickets available shouldn’t usually lead to such jubilation at confirming one but you just can’t help but get caught up in it all. Just seeing the ‘View from your seat’ page on the Wembley Stadium website gets the blood pumping and I get the feeling that this will be a memorable day no matter what happens on the pitch.

The FA Cup final this weekend should give us some extra adrenaline as we watch two teams living out their own dreams under the glare of the arch. We’ll see fans pouring down Wembley Way knowing that in a week’s time it will be us, Northampton Town, who will populate half of the famous pathway to the national stadium.

I’m still not thinking too much of the game itself and the tactics or team. It’s all about the build-up to the whole day at the moment and that’s what makes these playoff finals special. It gives teams like ourselves a chance to play out a cup final atmosphere in front of the nation. There won’t even be any Premier League games to distract the rest of the country on May 18th with their final day coming a day later so we get to be in the centre of England’s footballing world for a couple of hours come the big day.

I hope we can pack out Wembley and the first day of general sale today should prove to be a good indication of how mad we go for those golden tickets. Good luck with yours if going for them today…let’s make a sea of claret!