About Me

Hello there! I’m Danny, pleased to meet you. You look very nice today.

Just to introduce myself a little bit as this is the About Me Section. If you’re looking for information on Maryland Eggs or Michael Eavis, please look elsewhere.

I’m a huge Northampton Town fan and juggle this blog (not literally) with caring full time for my two children and trying to forge some sort of career.

Now then, in 2006 I left university with a Media Writing degree from Southampton Solent and began this blog in the hope of sharing my views and reports of all things Northampton Town with the world and surrounding areas. I had no idea that ten years later I would still have the same enthusiasm for picking up the laptop and typing away so it’s great to still be running with this. I’ve lived in Northampton, Southampton, Salisbury and Bath and am now back, once again, home.

I hope you all enjoy the new format on WordPress and as a special treat for being so patient, you can have some of my likes and dislikes below, completely free:

Likes: Family, Music, Books, Politics, Writing, Comedy, Cheese, Sausages.

Dislikes: Mouldy Cheese, JLS, X Factor and all things similar, Justin Fecking Beiber, Peterborough United (not in that order)

This exciting list could be updated on special occasions so keep coming back just in case.



Ps My birthday is September 17th for anyone wanting to buy me a present.

11 thoughts on “About Me

    • Of course mate, thanks!

      Will add you to the links now 🙂

      Good work yourself, I miss the trips up to Scunny!

  1. Hi Danny, great blog – we’ve only been doing ours for a week but slowly getting the hang of it! I work at The Chrysalis Theatre in MK and Clarke Carlisle is our special guest on the 26th September tickets just £3 for a Q&A movie night and book launch!
    And I agree he’s a great bloke, and as we’re a charity is coming along for no fee as our movie nights are fundraisers 🙂

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