Leaving on a jet plane…

On Thursday morning at around 8:40am I departed the fine shores of England to make the mammoth sixteen hour journey to Lima, Peru, to spend some quality time with some of my wife’s side of the family and to encounter where she comes from for the first time. Surviving the flight with an excitable two year old was a challenge in itself but the madness that was trying to keep Faith entertained was, and I’m sure will continue to be, well worth it.

I’m here for a month so in terms of this blog and the end of the Cobblers’ season it’s going to be a tough time to keep up to date. I’ll do my best to keep my thoughts on events back home up to date but with a five hour time difference I’ll have to be catching up with the scores over breakfast rather than the usual fare of a Saturday afternoon!

The blogs will likely feature some of the fun we’re having over here as well as my take on the Cobblers’ own adventures as we head full tilt into the defining final furlong of the season. I’ll be back with two games to go and hope to catch the Barnet home game a week after we get back.

Exciting times on both fronts and from either side of the world!

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