Fan Feature: Plymouth Argyle


This week’s Fan Feature sees Plymouth Argyle fan Dave Weeks take the hot seat. You can follow Dave on Twitter @DaveWeeks16. Below he gives his thoughts on a relieving victory for his side last weekend and a barren run in front of goal….


How much of a relief was it to win at the death last weekend – your first victory in eight league games?

It was a massive relief for everyone at the club. Although a draw would’ve been an ok result away from home, it would’ve also meant 9 games without a win. So yeah it was a massive relief and gives the fans a bit of a lift and a bit more confidence going into Saturday’s game.

You’re the lowest scorers in League Two with nine goals…what are the main reasons for the barren run in front of goal?

Our strikers – they’ve been so poor it’s unbelievable, although I suppose they aren’t really getting much service either. There doesn’t seem to be much confidence in the team, especially attacking. We had 21 shots against Hartlepool, scored 0. Then again, their keeper was on form.

Do you expect more this season or is mid-table realistic in terms of ambition?

I expected more, a lot more. Drawing at home 0-0 to Newport and Accrington Stanley wasn’t what I thought we had planned. Now I expect mid-table but if we manage to go on and progress further up the table, I’ll take that.

Is John Sheridan the right man to take you forwards?
Right now? No. Simple as that. I hope he does take us forwards as we need a settled experienced manager. Right now though I can’t see it being him, let’s hope I’m wrong.

What are Argyle fans’ views on Northampton?
Obviously after last week’s win, the views are now is that we should win. You’re below us in the league, only won one away this season, struggling to score by the looks of your away games this season. We really should be winning, no disrespect to you lot obviously.

Finally, a score prediction for the game?

You can’t score, we can’t score: 0-0. Although the last two games at Home Park have produced five goals in both games.


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